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home security systems louisville kentucky

If you already have a DIY home security setup, the LIFX+ offers infrared light abilities to aid security cameras in seeing better at night. You don’t have to use the official app to control the LIFX bulbs either, though you might find that the LIFX app already does everything you need it to. The app allows you to set up group bulbs, as well as create scene and schedules. For two years now, I’ve used the Presence app on our family iPhones as a home security system. It’s awesome: We took two old iPhone 4 models we had lying around, connected them to the Presence app on our current phones, and instantly used their cameras as live security monitors for the house when we’re away. It plays live sound, it’s reliable and fast, makes recordings if we want, and is simple to set up. Plus it’s absolutely free!Really, it’s biggest drawback is that those old iPhones need to be plugged into the wall, so that they don’t run out of juice after 10 hours or so. Which also means you’re kind of limited in where you place them, unless you want extension cords running everywhere. But I think I may have found something I like even better. Blink is a new wire free home security monitor system that operates on a similar premise. But the set up is different.

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